Quite Possibly The World’s Greatest Jokes About Socks 

Quite Possibly The World’s Greatest Jokes About Socks 

Posted by EcoSox on Jun 11th 2024

This is our 5th anniversary of paying tribute to the world’s greatest dads, who keep everyone chuckling all year long. Come celebrate with us and enjoy (what we think) the most hilarious jokes about socks on the planet. See our past jokes about socks  2019202020212022, and 2023!

10 socks

How long should socks be? Twelve inches, so they can fit on one foot.

  9 socks

What do you call a matching pair of socks? “Sole”-Mates

8 socks

What will happen if you lose your left sock, your left shoe, and your left glove? You'll be “all-right”

7 socks

On my wedding day, I’m going to wear EcoSox Merino wool socks just in case I get cold feet.

6 socks

What does it mean when a cowboy finds 4 horseshoes? His horse is walking around in socks.

5 socks

What do they call worn-out socks in Kansas? Toe-peekas

4 socks

What do you call a sock that loves to play music? A “sock-star”

3 socks

My socks are so old that I could use them for golf. They have 18 holes.

2 socks

What's a sock's favorite soup? Toe-mato soup.

1 sock

Where can you buy high-end socks? Socks Fifth Avenue (and, of course )


Dad Socks

So remember to hug your dad this Father’s Day and get him a great gift like EcoSox Bamboo Socks. He works hard throughout the year to make you laugh each and every day!