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    The original Blue Flame thermal sock is a thick, heavyweight sock. The brushed acrylic construction has ultra-soft insulation in the inside that retains 600% more heat than cotton — this sock rates four flames out of four for thermal...

Blue Flame Footwear® thermal socks are made from thick, heavy duty acrylic fibers that have undergone an intensive brushing process, designed not only for warmth but to provide maximum comfort. The brushed acrylic inner provides ultra-soft cushioning while trapping air, preventing the escape of your coveted body heat even at insanely low temperatures. This one-of-a-kind manufacturing process is what makes Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks truly the worlds warmest socks.

So what's in our Blue Flame Footwear name? The warmest part of a flame is the part closest to the energy source, and when hot enough, actually gives off blue light. Because we have developed the warmest thermal sock available, we couldn't find a more fitting name.