Top Dad Jokes About Socks - 2021

Top Dad Jokes About Socks - 2021

Posted by Dad on Jun 7th 2021

The 3rd time is a charm. Here is our annual hilarious(?) sock dad jokes. We continue to salute all the hard-working dads out there for Father's Day. So go ahead, stand a bit taller, laugh a little louder, and crank those socks as high as you like, because today is your day. Shop for EcoSox! Shop for EcoSox!


My wife put my socks on a very high shelf.

Why? I don't know. It's beyond me.


My mom always told me to put a clean pair of socks on every day.

By the time Saturday rolled around, I could hardly fit in my shoes.


I'm tired of losing my socks to…



One sock turned to the other…
Knock knock...
Who's there?
We live in a shh…
We live in a shh who?

Yes, we do.


I always wondered why all my socks had holes on the left foot.

All this time, I haven't been putting them on right.


I made a resolution to sleep barefoot.

After the first night, I got cold feet.


My dog got into my sock drawer today.

I had to re-pair all my socks.


Where do Swedish Socks Live?

In the Sockholm.


What did one sock puppet say to another?

You look like you could use a hand.


I've been getting into day trading socks on the sock market at the Sox Exchange on Wool Street.