More Top 10 Dad Jokes About Socks

More Top 10 Dad Jokes About Socks

Posted by A Dad on Jun 7th 2020

Once again, we have to give it up to all the fathers out there working hard every day for their families. EcoSox has compiled another list of hilarious(?) dad jokes for you. Go ahead and share this with your children, and maybe they will show you how much they love you by giving you a comfortable pair of EcoSox this Father's Day.

Why do you never see a grizzly bear wearing socks?
They have bear feet.

When I play golf, I always wear two pairs of socks – just in case I get a hole in one.

What did one sock say to the ripped sock?
Socks to be you!

How many inches can you fit in a sock?
One foot.

What's the difference between an old sock and a coffee filter?
Well, if you don't know it, I'm never drinking coffee at your place.

What do you call someone that likes to mix and match their socks?

How do you get a washing machine to shut up?
Put a sock in it!

I saw someone stealing my socks off the washing line.
I was going to confront them, but I got cold feet.

How do socks feel when they are taken off at the end of the day?

You know what they say:
A hat warms the head. A coat warms the body.
But socks warm the sole.

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