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Health & Wellness

Socks for Neuropathy and More

EcoSox Health and Wellness socks help with a variety of ailments that affect the feet. These socks include socks for diabetes, socks for Edema, and socks for Neuropathy. Along with our compression socks which aid with leg fatigue, swelling, and promotes better circulation.

Bamboo Neuropathy Socks

Peripheral Neuropathy damages the peripheral nerves, often causing weakness, numbness, and pain in your feet. This condition often leaves people with very sensitive feet. To be comfortable, people with Neuropathy need socks that cause little friction against their sensitive skin. EcoSox neuropathy socks are made from fibers derived from bamboo and are softer than the softest cotton and feel comparable to silk, making these socks for Neuropathy ideal for people who are suffering.

Bamboo Edema Socks

Edema is swelling caused by fluids in body tissues, typically right under the skin, and usually occurs in the feet, ankles, or legs. EcoSox Edema socks have stay-up, non-binding tops that do not constrict around the calf and ankle areas. Being made of bamboo fibers and the integrated smooth toe seam that sits beneath the terry loop ensures a better fit and feel, making these really comfortable socks.

Bamboo Diabetic Socks

EcoSox constructs these bamboo socks provide the ultimate comfortable solution. These Neuropathy socks and Edema socks are designed to keep feet dry, clean, and healthy by using yarns derived from bamboo cellulose that wicks moisture away from the foot up through the sock material, where moisture can quickly evaporate away. Other beneficial features include a cushioned footbed and an integrated smooth toe seam for added comfort.

There are no differences between our Neuropathy socks and Edema socks for men and Neuropathy socks and Edema socks for women other than the sizing. Please refer to our sizing chart to ensure you select the correct size of Neuropathy socks and Edema socks.


Frequent Questions About Bamboo Socks for Health and Wellness

Q: How long does it take for compression socks to reduce swelling?
A: There isn't a simple answer for how long it takes to reduce swelling as it depends on the compression level and the severity of the condition. Most people report experiencing less pain and improved blood flow and circulation within a few days of consistent wear.


Q: What socks are good for edema?
A: Compression socks with graduated compression will reduce swelling and prevent edema in the lower legs. The pressure on the legs will regulate blood flow and allow fluid to circulate instead of building up.


Q: What kind of socks help with neuropathy?
A: Diabetic compression socks are designed for those with neuropathy. The compression will decrease numbness and pain that occurs with nerve damage as well as protect your feet from wounds and blisters.


Q: Are neuropathy socks effective?
A: While neuropathy socks won't cure your condition, neuropathy socks will relieve some of the symptoms you experience. Neuropathy socks will help relieve pain, aid in the body's healing process by protecting your feet, and improve blood circulation.


Q: When should I wear neuropathy socks?
A: You can wear diabetic socks daily, especially if you continue to experience symptoms such as numbness or tingling in your feet. It's important to be sure to wear diabetic socks when your physically active, on your feet, or while traveling.