Thermal Socks

Thermal Socks

The Best Thermal Socks

Cold feet don't have to stay that way. EcoSox thermal socks for men and thermal socks women keep feet comfortably warm when it's cold outside. Specifically made to help regulate temperature by pulling moisture away, keeping your feet dry and warm.

A Variety of Thermal Socks

Don't get stuck with just one type of thermal socks. Choose from a variety of the best thermal socks:

Blue Flame E-Tech Bamboo Thermal Socks with thick inner loops of cushioning to trap the heat.

The original Blue Flame Thermal Socks – This super thick, heavyweight sock has ultra-soft insulation.

Blending Merino Wool with Bamboo Viscose makes our Merino Wool Bamboo Blend Outdoor Socks a great thermal sock for everyday wear.

Recycled Cotton Natural Thermal Socks – Up-cycled from cotton scraps, these cotton thermal socks are designed not to be too thick or too thin but just right with a splash of color.

Comfortable, Eco-Friendly Thermal Socks

Our bamboo thermal socks are made with viscose fibers derived from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo that is as soft as silk and helps wick moisture. In addition, any of our bamboo thermal socks that have the "This Product Plants One Tree" stamp, you'll be planting a tree when purchasing.

Bamboo Socks

EcoSox constructs these bamboo thermal socks to provide the ultimate comfortable solution. These thermal socks are designed to keep feet dry, clean, and warm by using yarns derived from bamboo cellulose that wicks moisture away from the foot up through the sock material, where moisture can quickly evaporate away. Other beneficial features include a cushioned footbed and an integrated smooth toe seam for added comfort.

There are no differences between our thermal socks for men and thermal socks for women other than the sizing. Please refer to our sizing chart to ensure you select the correct size of thermal socks.


Frequent Questions About Thermal Socks

Q: How are heat trapping thermal socks beneficial?
A: Thermal socks are the best socks to keep your feet warm because it traps the heat inside your sock. This helps your body retain heat in freezing temperatures and fight off the cold for longer.


Q: What material makes socks thermal?
A: EcoSox thermal socks use either bamboo or acrylic or a combination of both. Insulation traps heat to keep your feet warm without making them sweat, thanks to bamboo viscose fibers that are naturally moisture-wicking.


Q: Do thermal socks really work?
A: EcoSox bamboo thermal socks rate four flames out of four for thermal properties. Made with bamboo viscose, thermal socks will trap heat to keep your feet warm while also keeping them dry.


Q: What are the best thermal socks to keep feet warm?
A: Bamboo thermal socks are the best way to keep your feet warm. Moisture build-up often defeats most thermal socks’ insulative properties. Because bamboo socks are naturally moisture-wicking, your feet will stay warm, dry, and blister-free.


Q: How I warm my feet in the winter season?
A: If you’re spending time outside in the cold, you want socks that will keep your feet warm. Foot specialists say cold feet can weaken your immune system. The best way to beat the cold is by wearing thermal socks that can help you retain heat.