The Best Socks to Wear This Summer

The Best Socks to Wear This Summer

Posted by EcoSox on Jul 2nd 2023

The Fourth of July is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate with a backyard BBQ, fireworks, and fun in the sun. The Fourth of July also signals that we’re in the heat of summer.

Are your feet ready for the heat? When you think of summer shoes, you likely think of flip-flops and sandals. We know you don’t need socks if you’re going swimming, but what about other fun outdoor activities? Whether you enjoy hiking, running, biking, or golfing, a pair of high-quality bamboo socks are still essential for the summer. You might be thinking, “What socks are best for summer?” We’ve got you covered!

How to choose the best socks for summer

For those planning to spend time outdoors this summer, it's crucial to wear suitable footwear that helps regulate temperature and keep your feet dry, ensuring you stay cool in the heat. Here are the top three things you need to consider when choosing the best socks for summer.

1. Material

During the summer months, your feet are more likely to get hot and sweaty. That’s why you want to choose a material that is naturally moisture-wicking.

Dry feet are healthy feet as wet feet are a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to odors and blisters. Bamboo socks are the best socks for summer because they are 3-4 times more absorbent than traditional cotton socks. This means your feet will stay with bamboo socks.

2. Length

While you can get away with crew socks and over the calf socks during cooler months, it may be a little too hot in the summer to weather high-cut socks. Instead, opt for a lower cut sock to keep your calves cool. Some options include no show, low cut, and quart socks.

No show socks rest below the ankle and are hidden inside your shoe. Ankle socks are cut just slightly higher than no show socks. Quarter socks land right above the ball of the ankle, which is a great choice if you prefer more coverage. Wearing socks with tabs can help protect your heel when wearing low-cut socks.

3. Breathability

The last thing to consider is how breathable your socks are. Socks with mesh tops can provide added temperature regulation by acting as air vents to release trapped hot air.

EcoSox Bamboo No Show Socks for Summer

The best socks for summer

Keeping those three factors in mind, here are the best socks for summer.

The best socks for running

EcoSox JAG Athletic ZIG-LITE Bamboo Running SocksAs a runner, you don't have to let the heat and sweaty feet hinder your workout. EcoSox JAG Athletic ZAG-MAX Bamboo Running Socks or EcoSox Athletic ZIG-LITE Bamboo Socks are low-cut, tabbed running socks that will keep your feet dry whether you’re going for a short sprint or a 10K.

These bamboo socks feature core compression and natural moisture-wicking materials to provide optimal performance and comfort.





The best socks for hiking

Bamboo Light Weight Hiking Quarter SocksFor those who plan on hiking and enjoying the great outdoors during the summer season, consider trying out the Bamboo Light Weight Hiking Quarter Socks. The ankle-length cut will protect your heel from friction against your shoes. These socks will keep your feet dry while providing the comfort and support you need to enjoy any type of hike.





The best socks for daily wear

Bamboo Performance Tab SocksIf sneakers are your go-to or you must wear closed-toed shoes at work, then check out these socks that are perfect for everyday wear.

Starting with the quarter cut sock, try these EcoSox Bamboo Quarter Socks. These socks have a cushioned footed and an integrated smooth toe-seam for comfort. The breathable nature fibers and moisture-wicking properties will keep your feet dry all day.

For those who prefer a lower cut sock, check out Bamboo Low-Cut Ankle Socks, which are available in new colors for summer, or Bamboo Performance Tab Socks. The quarter cut profile strikes the perfect balance between performance and discretion. The arch support and cushioned footbed will keep you on your feet and moving all day long while the breathable fibers will keep your feet dry and blister-free.

For those who experience hot feet during summer, the Breathable Mesh Bamboo Low Cut Ankle Socks could be a great option, as they have mesh vents that improve air flow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

Looking for a sock with a bit more discretion? You’ll want to check out the EcoSox Bamboo No Show Socks, which are also available in these fun new colors. These socks sit below the ankle and will be hidden inside your shoes. Even with a lower profile, you’ll still reap the same benefits of the moisture-wicking, breathable bamboo fibers.

Put your best foot forward this summer

With EcoSox, you’ll be ready for the summer heat. Your feet will stay cool and dry with high-quality bamboo socks. Shop by style or activity to find your perfect sock for the summertime.