Bamboo Low-Cut Ankle Socks

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What Size Do You Need?

These low-cut socks sit right at the ankle for an optimal fit between performance and discretion. The cushioned footbed and integrated smooth toe-seam provide comfort. The breathable natural fibers allow for the right amount of airflow and keep your feet dry and blister-free. The arch support ensures proper fit and helps fight foot fatigue.

  • The knitted reinforced heel and the smooth integrated toe seam stitching for durability.
  • Natural moisture-wicking materials keep feet dry and blister-free.
  • Arch support and cushioned foot bed for comfort to fight foot fatigue.


You Need Sock Size
6-10.5 5-9 M
10.5-14 9-12.5 L
14+ 12.5-14 XL

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Sock Materials:

73% Bamboo Viscose / Polyester / Nylon / Spandex / Rubber

Why Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo is an ecologically friendly plant to farm. Unlike other materials, bamboo viscose performance attributes are natural, so there is no need for chemical additives or fabric conditioners. Bamboo viscose has a silk-like feel and is ultra-soft against your skin, which reduces friction and makes for really comfortable socks. Learn more...

Socks That Will Not Give You Blisters Lifetime Blister Free Guarantee! Learn more...

Socks You Are Guaranteed To Love 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Online Purchases. Learn more...

American Made Socks  American Made. American Proud.

79 Reviews

  • 5
    Best socks for everything!

    Posted by Deb on Jun 11th 2024

    Love these low cut bamboo EcoSox for all of my activities! Right amount of cushioning for my stability needs and soft-feeling!

  • 5

    Posted by Gregory Sirotzke on Dec 1st 2023

    Third time I have ordered these socks! Comfortable and durable!

  • 5
    Ankle Low Cut Socks

    Posted by Jeff on Sep 4th 2023

    We have ordered…well, I’ve lost count on how many pairs …for the last 12 years the low cut ankle socks. We specifically ordered them for our son because of his very bad foot odor. These socks were magic! Instantly his foot odor was gone. These are the ONLY socks we’ve found that do the trick and continue to work well. We thought maybe he would out grown the smelly feet in time. Now that he’s off to college, he told us he had worn out all of his socks with heavy use. Wow, do those feet still stink, so we ordered more. Thank you Eco socks!

  • 5

    Posted by Martha on Aug 16th 2023

    Will ruin you for all other socks. God I love these so.

  • 5
    Best socks for summer

    Posted by Karl Brockmeyer on Jun 13th 2023

    These socks are great to wear with my sneakers. I like the low-cut because they stay above my shoe line and of course they are comfortable.

  • 5
    Eco Socks - Low Cut

    Posted by Jeff on Feb 28th 2023

    We have been buying these for 10+ years and found them to be highly effective for controlling teenager foot oder. When I say controlling…my son started using these socks and foot oder disappeared overnight.

  • 5

    Posted by Kathy Holloway on Jul 5th 2022

    Great socks Thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Kathy Holloway on Jul 5th 2022

    Great socks Thanks

  • 5
    So far best socks

    Posted by Bingzi on Jun 3rd 2022

    Love them so much, so comfortable, excellent quality and beautiful colors
    Will definitely buy more

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