Hemp Bamboo Light Hiking Crews

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What Size Do You Need?

Built for optimal performance and longevity!  A half cushion sock with all the features you need and expect for a comfortable day on the trail.  Knitted with a unique blend of our performance bamboo viscose and a durable hemp fibers.  90% of sock is knitted with cellulose derived fibers which will bio-degrade in landfill conditions.  The natural moisture-wicking yarn breathes (similar to merino wool), keeping your feet drier and blister-free while being Vegan friendly.  A pair purchased plants one tree with One Tree Planted.

  • Seamless Toe / Superior Arch Support  / Ankle Grip Stay Up Top
  • Mesh venting over toe box area where it is need most plus side panels improve air circulation
  • Earth Friendly - Sustainable sourced materials / Longer product longevity / 90% biodegradable
  • Vegan friendly
  • Natural performance yarn to control moisture to keep you blister-free.


Womens                Mens
You Need Sock Size
4-7 3-6 S
6-10.5 5-9 M
10.5-14 9-12.5 L
14+ 12-14 XL

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Sock Materials:

70% Bamboo Viscose / 20% Hemp / 5% Elastane / 3% Spandex / 2% Nylon

Why Bamboo and Hemp Socks?

Bamboo and hemp are ecologically friendly plants to harvest.  Yarn performance attributes are natural, so there is no need for chemical additives or fabric conditioners.  Both materials decompose in landfill conditions unlike many "eco-friendly" socks made from recycled plastics.  Bamboo viscose has a silk-like feel and is ultra-soft against your skin, which reduces friction and makes for really comfortable hiking socks.  Learn more...

These Socks Plant A Tree By buying these bamboo socks, you help plant a tree! Learn more...

Socks That Will Not Give You Blisters Lifetime Blister Free Guarantee! Learn more...

Socks You Are Guaranteed To Love 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Online Purchases. Learn more...