Keep Your Feet Warm with EcoSox Thermal Socks

Keep Your Feet Warm with EcoSox Thermal Socks

Posted by EcoSox on Dec 23rd 2021

There are many different types of thermal socks. When choosing the best socks to keep your feet warm, be sure to consider what material is used. Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and merino sheep's wool are common materials used to craft thermal socks. These materials are designed to keep your feet warm and dry!

Thermal Socks for Men, Thermal Socks for Women

If you know someone who works outdoors year-round, enjoys hunting, or other outdoor activities, they know how hard it is to keep warm when your feet are cold. Wearing thermal socks is a great way to help stay warm when outside. EcoSox makes some of the best thermal socks for both men and women.

Because merino sheep's wool is warm, breathable, and odor-resistant, it's the perfect thermal sock for anyone looking for a sock made with natural fibers. This material is also very durable and does not stretch or sag. EcoSox's Merino Wool Bamboo Blend Outdoor Socks come in a two-pack for extra value.

Merino wool socks are natural and come from merino sheep, making them an eco-friendly choice. Merino wool is warmer than polyester, cotton, and fleece. It's also warmer than regular wool because of its unique fiber structure. Merino sheep can endure temperatures as low as 5 degrees! If their wool can keep them warm out in the cold winter weather, it can keep us warm too!

The Warmest Thermal Socks to Beat Cold Feet

Another excellent choice for thermal socks is our Blue Flame E-Tech Bamboo Thermal Socks. A significant benefit of these bamboo thermal socks is the thick inner loops that trap the heat to keep your feet warm for hours. Coupled with bamboo materials, your feet will stay dry too. Bamboo socks are known for being breathable and moisture-wicking.

Where you are outdoors or just relaxing around the fireplace, Ecosox Blue Flame Thermals are great heavyweight socks that are super thick - a soft and plush half-inch thick. The ultra-soft insulation on the inside retains 600% more heat than cotton. They rate an intense four flames out of four on our index rating.

Socks for Winter Hikes

Cold weather is perfect for winter activities like ice skating, skiing, and sledding down a snow-covered hill. And we have the best thermal socks to wear while doing those activities.

Most people hang up their hiking boots and running shoes at the first sign of frost. The cold weather keeps us indoors where it's cozy and warm. But there are many benefits to hiking in the winter, and EcoSox has the eco-friendly hiking socks you need to keep your feet warm and dry.

You can burn more calories when hiking in winter! Your body has to work harder in the cold months to keep you warm. Add some exercise, and you are really burning calories! According to one study from the University of Albany, hikers who hit the trails in winter burned nearly 35% more calories than when hiking in mild weather. And with your body working harder to burn calories, you're also getting a cardio workout in!

There are no bugs! There's nothing more annoying than running into a swarm of gnats or getting bit by mosquitoes while you're out trying to enjoy a hike. That's not a problem in the winter months when the bugs aren't out!

Have you ever experienced the "winter blues"? If so, you're not alone! The National Institute of Mental Health says 10 million Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Getting some good old Vitamin D can help offset the symptoms of SAD and improve your mood. That can be difficult during winter when the days are short. Getting out and hiking can help improve your mood by giving you some much-needed Vitamin D and exercise, boosting your serotonin levels and endorphins.

Trails aren't as busy. Not as many people are hiking during the winter months, so it's the perfect time to social distance and explore trails you've been meaning to explore.

You can see trails and the landscape in a new way. While many people think of winter as brown and dead, winter can have its own unique type of beauty. Imagine seeing hills and mountains blanketed with snow and tree branches glistening with icicles. It gives you a new appreciation for Mother Nature!

So don't stop hiking just because it's cold. In fact, no matter what winter outdoor activity is your thing, keeping your feet warm will make that activity so much better. EcoSox thermal socks and EcoSox winter hiking socks will help keep you from getting cold feet!