Bamboo Merino Wool Blend Thermal Boot Sock

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What Size Do You Need?

Made with our heaviest and thickest yarn, the blend of super soft bamboo viscose with durable merino wool will keep your toes toasty. Full 360-degrees of comfort-cushioning of moisture-wicking and breathable natural yarn will keep your feet dry.

  • A blend of merino wool and bamboo viscose wicks moisture away from skin.
  • Breathable with temperature regulation - feet stay comfortably warm.
  • 360-degrees of comfort-cushioning with arch support.


You Need Sock Size
6-11 5-10 M
11+ 10-13 L

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Sock Materials:

28% Viscose Bamboo / 27% Acrylic / 25% Merino Wool / Polyester / Spandex

Why Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo is an ecologically friendly plant to farm. Unlike other materials, bamboo viscose performance attributes are natural, so there is no need for chemical additives or fabric conditioners. Bamboo viscose has a silk-like feel and is ultra-soft against your skin, which reduces friction and makes for really comfortable socks. Learn more...



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