EcoSox Diabetic Non-Binding Bamboo Hiking/Outdoor Socks

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76% Bamboo Viscose / 10% Polyester / 8% Nylon / 3% Spandex / 3% Rubber

EcoSox Diabetic Non-Binding Bamboo Hiking/Outdoor Socks - High Performance Bamboo Viscose Fibers

Providing a high-level cushion of comfort and durability required for any trek on the trail or around the house. EcoSox creates a stay-up, non-binding top with a relaxed fit that doesn't impede blood circulation.

  • Dry - Enhanced Moisture Control & Thermo-Regulation
  • Odorless - Inhibits Foot Odor
  • Blister Free - Inhibits Foot Friction/Blisters
  • Integrated Smooth Toe Seam Reduces Friction
  • Arch Support For Proper Fit & To Fight Fatigueja
  • Knitted Reinforced Heel & Toe for Ergonomic Fit
  • High-Density Construction in Key Areas For Durability
  • Fully Cushion For Maximum Comfort

Why Bamboo Socks?

  • Bamboo Viscose Fibers have a silk-like soft and buttery feel which is ultra-soft against skin.
  • Absorbs 3-4 times more moisture than cotton to keep your feet dry. 
  • Bamboo is one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet.  

Socks that offer a blister-free guarantee






EcoSox One World One Sock

10 Reviews

Laura May 30th 2019

So comfortable, excellent socks!

My husband has problem feet from years of walking on hard surfaces at work. These socks because of the wonderful padding have given him some relief. These are by far the best socks we have tried and believe me we've tried a ton. We just ordered a bunch so he can wear them everyday.

Cindy Mar 27th 2019

Diabetic hiking socks

After my foot surgery I was looking for a nice soft sock to wear under my cowboy boots. These fit the bill fabulously. I do not have diabetes but love the softness and non binding socks!

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