EcoSox Diabetic Bamboo Crew Socks

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Sock Material Content:

85% Bamboo Viscose / 11% Nylon / 4% Spandex

EcoSox Diabetic Crew Socks - High Performance Eco-Friendly Bamboo Viscose

EcoSox Diabetic socks may be the perfect solution for Diabetics  who experience swelling (edema) or suffer from nerve pain (neuropathy).  EcoSox non-binding tops are designed with a relaxed fit so not to bind or inhibit blood flow but to have just the right amount of tension to keep them on your leg.

  • Non-Binding Top To Increase Blood Circulation
  • Enhanced Moisture Control & Thermo-Regulation
  • Odorless - Inhibits Foot Odor
  • Blister Free - Inhibits Blisters
  • Integrated Smooth Toe Seam For Comfort
  • Arch Support For Proper Fit / Fights Foot Fatigue
  • Knitted Reinforced Heel and Toe for Ergonomic Fit
  • Natural Performance Yarn – No Chemical Treatments or Conditioners

Why Bamboo Socks?

  • Bamboo Viscose Fibers have a silk-like soft and buttery feel which is ultra-soft against skin.
  • Absorbs 3-4 times more moisture than cotton to keep your feet dry. 
  • Bamboo is one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet.  

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15 Reviews

Patricia Apr 24th 2018

Best sox ever

I don't buy sox other than Ecosox anymore. The diabetic, compression, and hiking sox are all terrific. They're my standard X-mas present now for family members who walk and hike.

Larry Froberg Apr 16th 2018

Bamboo crew socks

The first time I purchased these was at the Clark County Washington State Fair last year. I bought 3 pair at the time and loved them! They were very soft, comfortable, stayed up on my legs and due to my peripheral neuropathy, they became the most comfortable socks I own. The last remaining question was their durability. Now that I've owned them for almost a year, I can say that they look and feel as good as when I bought them. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I decided to buy some more and searched for them on the web, where I found the EcoSox website. I bought 4 more pair and I'm just as happy with these as I was with the ones I got last year. Finally, my feet are usually in agony at the end of my day. Wearing these socks always helps them feel better

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