What You Should Know About Thermal Socks

What You Should Know About Thermal Socks

Posted by EcoSox on May 8th 2023

The earliest known pair of surviving knitted socks date back to around 300-500 AD and were discovered at Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt. It's likely that we can go back much farther than that in the history of socks, though the socks our cavemen ancestors wore were likely rudimentary and made from animal skins and pelts.

Fast forward to the modern and there are many different versions of socks we can choose from. One of the very best options is thermal socks, which are perfect for cold weather and provide optimal comfort.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at thermal socks. This includes a deep dive into what thermal socks are, their many benefits, and how they are helpful to people with diabetes. Let's get started!

What Are Thermal Socks?

Thermal clothing is a type of garment worn to enable a person to maintain a comfortable body temperature, especially in cold climates and during periods of cold weather. They are also beneficial to people with certain conditions, including diabetes. Thermal clothing dates back hundreds of years and has typically been worn as an undergarment (though it has come more and more to the fore in a fashion sense recently).

Thermal socks, specifically, are socks designed to keep a person's feet warm over the course of long hours when the temperatures are low. Thermal socks can either be worn as simple socks for day-to-day activities or underneath big socks for activities such as hiking and skiing. They are incredibly practical for the wearer, especially because they don't cause sweating even while keeping them warm.

"Getting cold feet" isn't just an expression to indicate loss of nerve or confidence. It's also a health issue that occurs when a person's feet are at a lower temperature than the rest of their body, which could be a sign of poor circulation.

One of the best treatment options for people with cold feet is to wear warm socks. Thermal socks, which are designed to provide warmth, are perfect for anyone experiencing cold feet, whether due to the outside temperatures or as a result of a health condition.

Understanding the Benefits of Thermal Socks

During the colder winter months, it's essential that you keep your feet warm. During periods of cold weather, your body will pull in heat from your extremities, such as your feet, in order to keep the core body warm. Therefore, it's advisable that you pay close attention to your feet and hands in order to retain heat during low temperatures.

The obvious solution is to wear socks, gloves, and hats. While traditional cotton socks are one option when it comes to keeping your feet warm and protected, they aren't as effective as thermal socks. Thermal socks are thicker than traditional socks and are swear-wicking, meaning they help to keep feet warmer.

Let's highlight some of the main benefits of wearing thermal wear, including thermal socks:

  • Protection against cold weather conditions
  • Ease of movement and sweat-ticking traits
  • Outdoor activities become more comfortable
  • Save indoor energy

There are a host of different types of thermal socks you can choose from. All of the materials used in thermal socks are designed to provide lasting warmth. Some of the most popular materials used in thermal socks include wool, acrylic, merino wool, cotton, spandex, lycra, elastane, polyester, and nylon.

Benefits of Thermal Socks for People With Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects the way a person's body can turn energy into food. It is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar. Either the body does not make enough insulin or is unable to effectively use the insulin that it makes.

There are a number of different types of diabetes, including Type 1, Type 2, Type 1.5, and gestational diabetes. Diabetes can cause foot problems. For example, it can damage the sensation in a person's feet, affect circulation, lead to problems with sores and cuts healing, and cause pain and cramps.

Thermal socks are known to be effective at preventing foot complications from developing in people with diabetes. Thermal diabetic socks are specially designed for people with this condition and help to control moisture in order to reduce the risk of fungal infection. They also feature additional cushioning to prevent foot ulcers.

As noted, thermal diabetic socks are also designed to keep feet warm and to improve blood circulation. This is beneficial for the skin as well as the health of nerves in the feet.

Here at EcoSox, we sell a range of thermal diabetic socks. These are designed to provide comfort and protection while also being stylish and modern. We sell both men's thermal socks and thermal socks for women.

What You Should Know About Thermal Socks

As we have highlighted in this blog post, thermal socks are designed for use in cold environments and are thicker than traditional socks. They are popularly worn for winter sports, such as skating and skiing, as well as for hiking. They provide excellent insulation and padding thanks to their thickness.

Diabetic socks are a kind of thermal sock. They help to improve comfort for people with diabetes while keeping their feet dry and cool. They are made from nylon, cotton, acrylic, and elastic.

For comfortable, durable thermal socks, your premier choice is EcoSox. We have a wide range of incredible thermal socks as well as socks for diabetes. Check out our full range of socks here.