Thermal Socks - Which One Is Right For You?

Thermal Socks - Which One Is Right For You?

Posted by Toby on Dec 14th 2018

Blue Flame Footwear by EcoSox

Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks are manufactured from thick, heavy duty acrylic fibers that have undergone an intensive brushing process, designed not only for warmth but to provide maximum comfort. The brushed acrylic inner provides ultra-soft cushioning while trapping air, preventing the escape of your coveted body heat even at insanely low temperatures. This one-of-a-kind manufacturing process is what makes Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks truly the worlds warmest socks. So why the name Blue Flame Footwear? The warmest part of a flame is the part closest to the energy source, and when hot enough, actually gives off blue light. Because we have developed a sock seven times warmer than a cotton sock, we couldn't find a more fitting name.

So What Makes Blue Flame Footwear Originals so Warm?

It's a combination of thick looped acrylic and an intensive brushing process that gives our thermals their remarkable heat retention. In developing what we wanted to be the warmest sock in the world, we knew it would be imperative to create a thick looped fiber sock for the insulation necessary to provide superior body heat retention. As we continued our research in different technologies available in hosiery, we discovered a process of brushing the inner loops of acrylic fibers that helps to trap heat within long looped fibers by keeping microscopic air pockets close to your feet. This trapped air is what holds your body heat in and blocks out frigid below freezing temperatures. So with the combination of a thick and heavy duty fiber and a comprehensive inner brushing process, Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks were born.   Blue Flame Thermal Socks

Blue Flame E-Tech 

We took the best attributes of the Blue Flame thermal (thick loop insulation pile) and combined it with bamboo viscose to provide a thermal sock that breathes and removes moisture faster to keep you warmer longer than a cotton or wool blend thermal sock.  If you are spending hours working or hiking in cool to freezing temerpatures, these are likely for you.  Shop Blue Flame E-Tech  Advantages and Properties of Bamboo Viscose

EcoSox Recycled Cotton Thermals 

Made of up to 50% recycled cotton fibers, these eco friendly socks are great all around socks for moderate temperatures.  Available in a wide assortment of colors, you'll likely find one that blends just fine with your style.  Shop EcoSox Recycled Cotton