The Secret Sauce of EcoSox Socks!

The Secret Sauce of EcoSox Socks!

Posted by Toby on Oct 11th 2018

It isn't puppies but our socks are just as soft and just as loved! 

Whether you are running, hiking, working, standing, or walking, you want socks that give you support, help keep your feet clean and free of odor, help prevent blisters, and are really comfortable! EcoSox uses viscose from bamboo, lyocell, and Tencel yarns that are all made from regenerated plant cellulose and all have a soft buttery feel that is next to silk. No form of micro fiber cotton or merino wool can touch the built-in natural softness of these yarns.  More on Bamboo

All the performance properties of our yarns can be found in socks made from the same material so what about EcoSox socks sets us apart from other socks? The secret is the EcoSox footbed construction found on many of our styles of work socks, active sport socks, diabetic socks, and ankle socks.  This feature can be identified by the iconic horizontal lines found in the foot of the sock.  Shop Work Socks  Shop Running and Biking

The EcoSox footbed has rows of pillow cushioning that protects against impact and allows air to flow between them. The air draws moisture from the sock fibers through evaporation. Evaporation in turn helps regulate temperature and allows the fibers to continually draw moisture away from the foot.

This design enhances performance of the sock and and leverages the natural performance so well, we do not need to add chemicals, copper, silver, or conditioners that only add expense and inevitably harm the environment. Ecosox incorporates other design elements with reinforced toe and heel, proper arch support and heel height as well and an integrated precision toe seam. These sock design elements combine to give you a great sock that keeps you on your feet longer and feeling better after a long day.  Shop By Style  Shop Men's  Shop Women's

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