The Right Socks for March Madness Basketball

The Right Socks for March Madness Basketball

Posted by EcoSox on Mar 8th 2022

If you follow sports, you know it's almost that time of year when sports fans are talking about teams, brackets, and buzzer-beaters. It's time for March Madness!

March Madness started back in the late 1930s and is the time of year when the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men's and women's basketball tournaments are held. This single-elimination tournament features 68 teams fighting for the championship. The term "madness" was brought into the mix to capture the sport's excitement during the tournament.

During the tournament each year, millions of viewers/fans fill out their brackets to predict the winners of the game (and maybe win a few bucks in the process!).

You might be asking yourself what March Madness has to do with socks. Like most sports, basketball requires you to run and can be tough on your feet without the proper support.

A great pair of athletic shoes will only get an athlete so far. While most people take great care in finding the perfect pair of shoes for the game, many don't think about what type of socks they're wearing. Athletes need the additional comfort and support of athletic socks to complement those shoes. Having a pair of high-quality athletic socks designed for endurance will help you step up your game.

The Best Socks for Basketball

A good pair of athletic socks will protect your feet, give you the support you need to beat the competition and give you the support to perform your best to the final buzzer.

What makes a sock an "athletic sock?" It's all in the design! Compression in specific areas to provide support and breathable materials will protect your feet and keep them healthy.

Here are a few things to consider when picking out socks for your next workout or game:

Cushioning and support


Thickness and Length

Socks with Cushioning and Arch Support

Cushioning may be the most crucial feature in footwear. Having a sock with a great cushion will help alleviate some of the stress put on your ankles and feet.

Cushioning around the heel and arch will provide optimal comfort and help you avoid blisters. You can also opt for light compression for additional arch support. Socks with arch and ankle support will keep your socks in place throughout your game. The light core compression at the arch also helps fight foot fatigue to keep you playing at your best for longer.

Socks Made From Bamboo

You don't want a sock that will make your feet sweaty and uncomfortable. Sweaty feet are a breeding ground for bacteria, which lead to foot diseases like athlete's foot. Materials like cotton aren't absorbent, and pure cotton socks should be avoided. Opt for breathable, moisture-whisking fabric to keep your feet dry and healthy.

Bamboo socks are the best socks for basketball to keep your feet odor-free and blister-free. EcoSox products are made with bamboo viscose, making for ultra-soft and comfortable. Bamboo socks are super breathable and can absorb 3-4 times more than cotton, keeping your feet dry. Dry feet mean healthy feet because bacteria cannot grow and thrive without moisture.

Sock Thickness and Length

Thickness and length depend on your preference, and it's essential to find what feels good to ensure a comfortable fit when on the court. If you have narrow feet, you may find that your shoes fit better with thicker socks. Opting for a thinner sock can have the same effect if you have wider feet.

When it comes to length, there are a few different styles:

Crew cut socks that go up to the middle of your shins

Quarter cut socks that end just above the ankles

No show socks, which are nearly invisible when wearing shoes

Buy Basketball Socks at EcoSox

If March Madness has you looking for a sock that's made for the court, check out these EcoSox styles.

EcoSox Bamboo Athletic 300 Series Socks

This sock works great on its own or as a liner. These over-the-calf socks have arch and ankle support zones to keep your sock in place. They also have mesh ventilation to improve air circulation and keep your feet dry and blister-free.

EcoSox Bamboo Athletic Half Cushion Tube Socks

If you prefer a higher cut sock and the traditional basketball tube sock look, these might be the pair for you! These socks are perfect on their own or as a sock liner. With comfortable, breathable material and strong arch support, you'll be ready to shoot some hoops.

EcoSox JAG Athletic ZIG-LITE Bamboo Running Socks

These socks are a good fit for someone looking for an ultra-thin, low-cut athletic sock. The thin padding and integrated toe-seam make this sock super comfortable. Core compression helps fight foot fatigue, and like other EcoSox products, the breathable natural fibers will keep your feet clean and dry.

EcoSox JAG Athletic ZAG-MAX Bamboo Running Socks

If the socks above sound awesome, but you need a little more cushion, then the MAX JAG Athletic socks are for you! The main difference is the cushioned footbed, which provides a little extra padding to help keep your feet comfortable.

3 Pack Bamboo Low Profile Sports Socks

These eco friendly socks have everything you need in an athletic sock: light cushioning, breathable material, comfortable toe-seam, and arch support for a good fit. If you prefer low-profile socks that fit right around your ankle, these are the ones for you. Available in a few color options, these socks will also add some variety to your sock drawer.

Don't overlook what socks you're wearing! Whether you're a pro or an avid fan, a quality pair of basketball socks can boost your performance. Ditch your tired, old socks and switch to EcoSox. High-performance athletic socks will make all the difference on the court.