Sock Talk -  Toe Seams

Sock Talk - Toe Seams

Posted by Toby on Jan 22nd 2018

In manufacturing of socks, socks are knitted as a tube and at the end of the process need to be closed via a toe seam that runs across the top of the toes. In the not so distant past, these seams were bulky and protruded beyond the cushioning of the sock and could be irritating and uncomfortable. If you couldn’t feel the seams walking around without shoes, you definitely would feel them when your foot was in a shoe. The friction would not only be uncomfortable it also is a cause of blisters.

With modern machinery, there are now flat seams, hand linked seams, and even seamless socks. With hand linked and flat seams, the seam is so small it sits behind the cushioning of the sock that they are virtually undetectable. Ecosox’s smooth toe technology is a flat seam that is so precise it actually sits behind the yarn loops that provide padding in the sock so you will never know that it is there. Since the seam is recessed in the yarn loops, it causes no friction and we can guarantee our socks to be blister free.

The picture shows an EcoSox toe seam and you can see where it forms a gap and is not even visible across most of the sock. If you find toe seams to be irritating or uncomfortable, give EcoSox a try!