Planning A Hiking Or Climbing Holiday That's Safe for You And The Environment

Planning A Hiking Or Climbing Holiday That's Safe for You And The Environment

Posted by Guest Blogger Jacqueline Adams on Nov 6th 2018

Over 280 million people visit the National Park Service’s designated recreation areas each year and as the Outdoor Industry Association recently noted in its participation study, hiking is one of the top five most popular outdoor activities. Heading outdoors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and work in a little exercise is a great way to participate in one of America’s favorite activities, but there are certain things you’ll want to know before your next hiking or climbing holiday, like which socks to wear in order to ensure ultimate safety and protection.

Do socks really make a difference?

When hiking and climbing, most people focus on the shoe, as it is traditionally what provides the grip, balance and protection your feet need when outdoors. However, socks play a big role in safety and overall performance as well and focusing on the material, height, cushioning and fit will all make a difference in the safety you experience while hiking. In terms of material, bamboo is quickly emerging as the favorite simply due to the breathability and the fact that it produces little friction against the skin. For people hiking long distances, this can be the difference between cozy feet and feet filled with blisters at the end of an adventurous day. Avoiding moisture build up and providing your feet with added support is beneficial to not only your lower extremities but your back, core, shoulders, posture and breathing.

Durability and comfort for ultimate safety

EcoSox feature an arch support that helps fight fatigue and keep the sock in place. Depending on the style you are looking for, most of the socks also offer a channeled and padded foot for enhanced airflow and comfort as well. Why is this important? Well, it has been found that feet with a normal arch absorb shock better than those with high arches, making arch support in socks a natural way to help reduce the impact on your joints as you traverse complicated terrain when hiking or climbing. By supporting your arches, you are not only helping to fight fatigue but you are reducing the load on your Achilles tendon and the chances of ankle inversion or eversion. This all leads to increased posture when walking, which strengthens your core and helps you breathe easier and deeper when engaging in high-energy activities such as trail running, intense hiking and mountain climbing.

Other climbing and hiking safety tips

While it’s important to be prepared with the right gear and equipment in the form of hiking shoes and EcoSox, you'll want to have a well-packed climbing bag on hand complete with anything you need and a few things you might not know you need. Extra rope, stakes, gloves and any normal gear you usually hike and climb with is important. You'll want to familiarize yourself with other outdoor safety tips as well. Always have a physical map handy of the terrain you’re about to cover as GPS devices and phones can sometimes fail. Ensure that you know the rules and regulations of the park, reserve or general area you’ll be hiking or climbing as they can differ from place to place. If you have space in your pack, you can bring along a small first aid kit specifically for hikers. And, never hike at night.

Safely enjoy eco-friendly adventures

Wearing EcoSox is a great way to ensure that you’re safely enjoying your hiking and climbing adventures while also reducing the impact you have on the environment. Caring for the nature around you is an important part of hiking and outdoor adventure safety, meaning that EcoSox are the perfect gear for protecting you, your feet and the world you live in. It doesn’t get much better than that.