Performance Socks For Runners

Performance Socks For Runners

Posted by Toby on Aug 4th 2019


Introducing JAG Athletic ZIG-LITE Low-Profile Sport Tabs.  Offering ultra-thin padding for a superior fit.  Perfect for running, biking, and other athletics.  These socks are crafted from Bamboo Viscose and combine them with a core  compression throughout the sock to fight fatigue and to assist in recovery to keep you active longer. 

EcoSox set out to make a great running sock.  After almost a year and a half of development and testing, we are introducing a brand of technical running sock that your feet will love!  Using the natural properties of bamboo viscose and loaded with features, we bring you a product free of conditioners and chemical performance additives.  To differentiate the sock in the market, we chose the brand JAG Athlelic.  What's in a name?  Simply, J.A.G. represents the middle initial of everyone in our family.   Since our name is literally on the product, you know we take pride in providing you quality product.

ZIG-LITE has ultra thin padding for superior athletic fit and the soon to be released ZAG-MAX will provide additional padding to absorb more impact.  JAG Athletic bamboo running socks have everything you need in a sport performance sock.  Available in small through extra-large sizes to fit everyone.  

Color selection:  Firefly Grey - an intriguing and seemingly glowing hue, Blambery Blue - bold and beautiful, Purple People Eater -  inspiring you in competition, Tuxedo - timeless and simple contrast,  Hello Yellow - so sunny and friendly!  Whatever your personality or preference, we have you covered. 

Don't wait. ZIG or ZAG your next run will be better in a pair of JAGs! Shop Now!