Learning Center - Diabetic Socks

Learning Center - Diabetic Socks

Posted by EcoSox on May 8th 2023

Diabetes poses a number of health risks, especially to a patient’s feet. Diabetic nerve damage renders patients prone to foot injuries, infections, and odor. The complications can become severe, including amputations and worse. Because diabetic neuropathy can reduce sensation in the foot, the patient may sometimes fail to notice a foot injury, and it can remain untreated for days—leading to complications before anyone even realizes that something is wrong.

Specially-designed socks for diabetes patients alleviate some of these issues by protecting the feet. Diabetic socks for men and women also provide comfort and support for daily wear, athletic pursuits, and sleep. These socks can even benefit non-diabetic wearers in many of the same ways that they help diabetic patients.

The Benefits of Wearing Diabetic Socks

So, what are the benefits of simply wearing different kinds of socks? For diabetes patients, it’s beneficial simply to protect the foot more than standard socks do. It’s imperative for people living with diabetes to avoid foot injury and additional strain.

That said, diabetic socks provide a range of benefits for people struggling with diabetes—many of which are applicable to everyone.

Thicker Weave, Padded Soles

Diabetic socks are thick and padded, providing additional protection and comfort for patients. They are woven of nonstandard materials, as well, such as synthetic or plant-based fibers designed specifically to be healthier than regular fabrics. Padded soles help reduce injuries, and padded toes offer similar protection to diabetes patients who like to stay active with sports and exercise.

Seamless Design

A seamless design is important for people with very sensitive skin who are prone to sores, especially if they are forced to remain stationary for long periods of time. Seams can rub on toes and cause blisters and sores. This can lead to ulcers or infection. Seamless socks provide additional defense against the friction sores and pressure sores, which can develop into threatening conditions.

Moisture Wicking

Socks made from acrylic or plant-based fiber blends help wick away moisture from the foot. This prevents unpleasant odors and reduces the capacity for bacteria to fester. Even non-diabetic wearers prone to moist or sweaty feet can benefit from this advantage!

Soft Feel

Socks made of bamboo and other plant-based materials are incredibly soft. They have natural antimicrobial properties that help keep feet clean and prevent infection.

Snug Fit

Proper socks for diabetes patients need to fit snugly without constricting the leg and restricting blood flow. Diabetes socks maintain their rise without the elastic band that creates pressure on the leg.

Multiple Lengths

Diabetic socks for women and men come in multiple different lengths, from ankle socks that provide seamless padding to the soles and toes, to as high as over-the-knee socks lending support to the entire lower leg.

Why Wear Plant-Based Fiber Socks?

Plant-based fibers are superior to standard materials like cotton. They’re eco-friendly, made from easily renewable sources. Bamboo viscose fibers are strong, incredibly soft, and able to absorb more moisture than cotton—all while retaining their inherent antimicrobial properties. The ability to create socks without using chemical additives or conditioners makes plant-based socks a better choice for people with sensitive skin, such as diabetes patients.

Whatever your size, build, and lifestyle, diabetic socks made from bamboo viscose are the right solution to protect your feet and provide unmatched comfort at the same time.