How to Choose the Best Women's Running Socks

How to Choose the Best Women's Running Socks

Posted by EcoSox on Sep 6th 2021

The Perfect Fit for Women's Running Socks

Socks can sometimes be an afterthought when getting ready for a run or a workout. You may be in the habit of grabbing whatever pair of socks are on the top of the pile. You may even be guilty of mismatching socks because you were in a hurry to get to the gym or to fit a run into your busy schedule.

Having a great pair of running socks can make a huge difference in your workout. Supportive, comfortable socks can help you get the most out of your workout and keep your feet healthy and blister-free.

Running Socks For Women

It may be difficult to spot the difference between a man’s running sock and a woman’s running sock outside of more colorful and bright patterns for the ladies. While men and women can wear the same style sock, it is even more important for women to be sure they are buying the correct size sock for their feet.

A woman’s foot and legs are not simply a scaled-down version of a man’s. There are many differences between a man and a woman’s foot aside from the occasional painted toenail. The biggest difference is the relationship between the heel and the ball of the foot. According to the National Library of Medicine, on average, women have smaller feet that are relatively narrower and have higher arches. Women typically have wider hips than men as well, which puts more pressure on their feet.

All of these factors can make women more likely to have lower limb and foot issues. A woman has more flexible joints and ligaments, which contributes to more ankle sprains and injured feet. When not exercising, you might gravitate toward flip-flops or high heels, which don’t provide the support needed to protect your feet. If that sounds like you, your feet may be prone to heel pain, making it critical to have supportive socks to protect your feet when running.

Women also have shorter ankles, so when purchasing unisex socks, women should look for a shorter cut, including ankle socks, no-shows, or quarter-cut socks.

Bamboo Running Socks – Blister-Free

Buying running socks for women instead of wearing everyday socks has another benefit because of the difference in materials used. Women’s bamboo running socks are made with a breathable material instead of the traditional cotton sock. Cotton absorbs sweat like a sponge, which will make your feet damp throughout your workout and lead to unpleasant smells and blisters. Bamboo running socks are sweat whisking, keeping your feet dry and blister-free.

The bamboo viscose used in women’s running bamboo socks feels soft against your skin and reduces friction to prevent blisters and provide optimal comfort.

Fitted Pair of Women’s Running Socks

A perfect fit is a must when it comes to buying women’s running socks. Your running socks should fit like a second skin. If your socks are too loose, your socks will bunch up when you jog, causing friction and leading to blisters. Seams in the wrong place can also damage your feet. When purchasing a new running sock, be sure to check the size guide to find your match and purchase a sock that has some cushion or are seamless.

EcoSox JAG Athletic ZAG-MAX Bamboo running socks are cushioned, low-cut running socks made from bamboo viscose. These socks provide the performance and comfort every runner needs. The cushioned footbed is ideal for women to provide additional protection and comfort.

Compression socks can provide additional support for women, especially if the sock has core compression to support the foot’s arch. Because a woman’s body naturally puts more pressure on their feet, core compression can help combat foot fatigue, reducing the strain vigorous exercise places on the feet.

Whether you’re participating in a Couch to 5k or training for a marathon, wearing a cushioned, moisture-whisking bamboo sock from EcoSox will provide you with the support and comfort you need to help you reach your running goals.