​How to Choose the Best Men’s Running Socks

​How to Choose the Best Men’s Running Socks

Posted by EcoSox on Aug 21st 2021

Why Men's Running Socks Are Important

Runners often spend a lot of time and energy finding the perfect pair of running shoes — making sure to find the right fit and style to provide comfort and stability. When it comes to socks for running, however, they find the nearest pair of decade-old worn cotton socks to shove their feet into before hitting the pavement.

Though it may be an overlooked piece of clothing, the sock plays an important role in keeping your feet dry and healthy. If you can see your toes through your socks, it’s time to find new running socks.

EcoSox has a variety of men’s bamboo running socks available in various colors, styles, and lengths.

What to Consider In Running Socks for Men

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing running socks.

Material – It’s important to consider what materials are used to make your socks when choosing men’s running socks. According to the National Library of Medicine, men sweat more than women. How much a man sweats depends on his weight, level of physical fitness, temperature, and genetics. However, no matter how much you sweat, it is best to avoid cotton as it retains moisture. If your feet get sweaty and wet, they will stay that way, making for an uncomfortable run and increasing your risk of getting a foot fungus or infection.

According to the National Library of Medicine, men and older people are more likely to get athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Certain activities increase the risk of a fungal infection, including running. Fungal skin infections need moisture and warmth to spread. Wearing men’s bamboo socks can prevent athlete’s foot and other feet ailments by keeping them dry and regulating temperature with the naturally breathable fabric. Made of sweat-whisking material, men’s bamboo socks can keep your feet healthy and blister-free.

Height – When looking for running socks, you’ll also want to consider the cuff height. Sometimes the height is all about preference — low-cut vs. quarter-cut vs. ankle socks. EcoSox has a variety of heights to fit any preference. You may prefer your socks not to be seen over the tops of your sneakers and choose low-cut or no-shows.

Other times it can be about comfort. If you have sensitive feet, you may want to opt for a higher cut such as quarter-cut or over the calf to keep your ankles blister-free.

Cuff height can be important if you exercise as part of rehabilitation or recover after a vigorous workout. Choosing a sock with light compression can improve circulation and blood flow. A mild graduated compression (8-15 mmHg) over the calf sock is perfect for workout recovery, such as these EcoSox Compression Socks.

The last thing to consider when choosing a cuff height is the environment where you are running. If you prefer running on trails where there is tall grass, a higher cuff height will help protect you from ticks and other insects while you run. It can also protect your ankles from getting scraped by brush.

Cushioning – When choosing a pair of running socks, you also need to consider the cushioning and padding. Should your socks be thin or thick? It all depends on preference and what you find comfortable. Keep in mind padding can protect your feet and keep you comfortable throughout your run or workout.

Compression Socks for Runners

Socks with padding provide optimal comfort while socks with core compression can assist in recovery and provide support by improving blood circulation in your calves and feet. Men’s compression socks can help take the strain off muscles and ligaments and protect you from injuring yourself. Compression socks are a special type of running socks recommend for long-distance runners. When searching for the ideal men’s marathon socks, be sure to find socks with mild compression as they can help fight foot fatigue, allowing you to run for longer.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a comfortable and durable sock. The next time you get ready for a jog or head out to hit the gym, be sure to take a look at your socks before slipping on those sneakers. If it’s time to upgrade your running socks, choose EcoSox’s men’s bamboo running socks and feel the difference they make to your run. Your feet will thank you!