Diabetes, Neuropathy, Edema, and Socks!

Diabetes, Neuropathy, Edema, and Socks!

Posted by Toby on Sep 30th 2017

Diabetic Sos

People with diabetes have more concern about socks and proper foot care due to the elevated risks of foot complications associated with the disease.  These risks and complications include neuropathy, dry skin, calluses, foot ulcers, and poor circulation.  These risks create discomfort and can ultimately lead to the need for foot amputation if foot care is ignored by diabetics.  EcoSox diabetic socks provide a comfortable solution and are made to keep your feet drier, cleaner, and healthier by using bamboo viscose yarn that wicks moisture away from the foot and to the sock where moisture can be evaporated away.   Why Bamboo Is Better for Diabetics

Neuropathy or Peripheral Neuropathy is the result of damage to the peripheral nerves often causing weakness, numbness, and pain usually in your hands and feet. This condition often leaves people with very sensitive feet. To be comfortable, people with neuropathy need socks that cause little friction against their sensitive skin. EcoSox diabetic socks made from bamboo viscose are softer than those made from the softest cotton and is almost as soft as silk.  When people put them on they describe it as either a "silk soft" or "buttery" feel as the fibers slide off the skin.   More on Peripheral Neuropathy

Edema is swelling caused by fluids in body tissues typically under the skin and occurring in the feet, ankles, or legs but can involve the entire body. EcoSox diabetic socks have non-binding tops that stay up but do not constrict. A perfect solution for those who need a no restriction but expect their socks to stay up.

People afflicted with diabetes, neuropathy and edema may need a diabetic sock to wear but there are plenty of people who simply prefer a relaxed fit. Of course, EcoSox offers several styles and choices so anyone can find their sock of choice!   Shop Health & Wellness

For more on Diabetes, follow this link to the American Diabetes Association. More on Foot Complications

Updated June 4th, 2019