Compression Socks — For Those with Edema & Neuropathy

Compression Socks — For Those with Edema & Neuropathy

Posted by EcoSox on Aug 4th 2021

A pair of socks can make all the difference in your comfort level when out walking or standing on your feet. For people with diabetes, what they wear on their feet becomes even more critical.

Better Socks, Better Living

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 10 people in the U.S. has diabetes. Diabetes can take a toll on one’s body, especially the feet. Foot problems are common in people with diabetes, including diabetic neuropathy and edema. Still, with proper foot care and the use of compression socks, unwanted side effects of the disease can be better managed.

EcoSox has a mild graduated compression (8-15mmHg) bamboo sock that helps improve circulation and reduce symptoms of swelling, tiredness, and achy legs. The naturally absorbent material minimizes infections and blisters, and the smooth integrated toe seam stitching provides comfort and protection for your feet.

Socks That Protect

Proper-fitting compression socks create protection for your feet and toes by providing tightly fitting — but comfortable — coverage. A good compression sock also prevents the risk of foot ulcers, injuries, cuts, and/or sores that can go unnoticed by those who experience neuropathy due to gradual loss of nerve sensation. To maintain good foot health, daily foot inspection for sores or any signs of infection is vital, along with wearing socks that protect the feet.

Absorbent bamboo viscose fibers in EcoSox Compression Socks promote good foot health by keeping feet dry. Dry feet decrease the risk of fungal infections. The breathable, high-quality socks will remove moisture, making it difficult for bacteria to thrive.

Benefits from Compression Socks

More than those diagnosed with diabetes can benefit from compression socks. Compression socks work by putting mild pressure on the legs and feet to create better blood flow; therefore, anyone looking for pain relief in their lower limbs can benefit from wearing compression socks, including people who have just undergone surgery, those with varicose veins, pregnant women, people who struggle to move their legs or stand all day for their occupation, and athletes.

Here at EcoSox, one of our goals is to continue to be eco-friendly. Using viscose from bamboo to create these compression socks, we leverage one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet, making it an attractive alternative to cotton and petroleum-based fibers.

With high-quality EcoSox compression over-the-calf (OTC) socks, start improving your leg circulation and reduce foot fatigue and swelling.