Bamboo Compression Socks for Athletes

Bamboo Compression Socks for Athletes

Posted by EcoSox on Jul 23rd 2022

Every athlete is looking for ways to improve their performance. Whether it's to increase their endurance or beat their personal records, athletes are always looking to get an edge on the competition.

Enter bamboo compression socks. In recent years, athletes have been relying increasingly more on the support of compression garments. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, graduated compression socks can help improve your performance and assist in recovery.

The Benefits Of Compression Socks for Athletes

Compression socks were originally designed to relieve swelling and improve fatigue in those suffering from medical issues such as edema.

Bamboo compression socks have gained popularity among athletes who have discovered the benefits of increased circulation during physical activity. Compression socks are designed to increase blood flow, delivering oxygen to muscle cells faster, which in turn will improve endurance and speed up recovery.

Compression is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), which is the amount of pressure that the sock can exert on your leg. EcoSox bamboo compression socks are available with 15-20 mmHG for mild compression.

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EcoSox Bamboo Compression Socks (OTC)

Do Compression Socks Help with Recovery?

Support from compression socks goes beyond performance benefits. Compression can also help you heal more quickly after a vigorous workout and prevent soreness.

Each time you work out - whether it's lifting or running - you are putting tiny tears in your muscles. The more you work out, the better your muscles become at handling physical activity and repairing those tears.

Sometimes recovering from a workout can take longer than you'd like, leaving you itching to get back on the trail or to the gym. Graduated compression socks can help speed up the recovery process by encouraging blood flow to the areas of your legs and feet that need it most. Improved circulation will bring more oxygen to those areas, allowing your muscles to heal.

The Best Compression Socks for Athletes

If you're looking to try compression socks to improve your workouts, look no further than EcoSox Bamboo Compression Socks (OTC).

These over-the-calf socks have mild graduated compression (8-15 mmHg) and are great for workout recovery, offering more compression around the ankle and less compression around the calf. If you're in between sizes, we recommend the larger size to improve the longevity of your compression socks.

So why does bamboo make the best compression socks? While the compression socks will help increase blood flow and circulation, the bamboo materials will keep your feet dry and healthy. Bamboo socks are made with naturally breathable and moisture-wicking materials. This will keep your feet dry, odor-free, and blister-free throughout your workout. Bamboo viscose is also incredibly soft, keeping your feet comfortable all through your workout. You can't go wrong with bamboo compression socks!

Try our bamboo compression socks today, your body will thank you.