A Sock Sherpa's Guide to Compression Socks

A Sock Sherpa's Guide to Compression Socks

Posted by Toby on Nov 4th 2020

A Sock Sherpa's Guide to Compression Socks

1)  What are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are constructed to apply pressure around the foot and around the leg. Compression socks provide a graduated compression that provides the most pressure beginning at the ankle which diminishes as you go up the length of the leg. They are available in a range of compression expressed in ratings as millimeters of mercury (mmHG) and provide a range of benefits from people recovering from medical procedures to healthy people working on their feet all day.

2)  Why Compression Socks?

Compression socks assists with blood flow from the feet to the heart also known as “venous” blood flow  Venous Blood. This helps speed the oxygenation of blood or what athletes refer to as recovery. This function helps with fatigue, swelling, and leg cramps. It also helps reduce the symptoms of painful varicose veins.

3)  Compression Ratings & Purpose?

Compression socks are available in a range of compression from mild (low 8 -15 mmHg), to moderate (15 – 20 mmHg), and medical (high 30 to 40+ mmHg). Mild compression socks are for healthy people who have minor issues with fatigue and swelling. Moderate compression socks are also for healthy people and ideal for athletes looking for performance with faster recovery from a sport compression sock. Heavy compression or medical grade are typically worn by people with Sympotatic Vein Disease or recovering from surgery to help reduce the chance of blood clots and other potential complications.

4) Are Compression Socks For Me?

If you are a person working on your feet all day (retail, factory, nurse, first responder), have a specific need to increase comfort or alleviate a medical condition, try a pair of compression socks and you may find your feet thanking you by the end of the work day!  Compression socks range from $10 to $50 a pair in price but proper fit is critical so pay attention to proper sock size.

Compression socks come in a variety of materials and styles but EcoSox compression socks are a mild compression made from viscose from bamboo which provide daily comfort and support you need to fight fatigue and swelling while helping to keep your feet clean and moisture free.  Now made with an extra wide welt for comfort above the calf and reinforced foot for increased durability.  Check out our selection of compression socks under Shop Health and Wellness .  Feel free to use and share promo code "COMPRESSION15" for 15% off compression socks in your order.