A Message from Owners Nathan & Leslie Cook

A Message from Owners Nathan & Leslie Cook

Posted by Nathan & Leslie Cook on Nov 13th 2020

Establishing A Brand

EcoSox was established in 2008 to create and sell great socks with environmentally friendly products. Upcycled yarns, viscose yarn sourced from highly renewable bamboo was the basis of most of the original and current products. This was great in 2008 and when we took over the company in 2017, we realized there was a lot more we could be doing to be true to the brand that we envisioned. 

Already a Step Ahead

While the process of turning bamboo fiber into yarn has been criticized for being energy intensive and requires the use of caustic chemicals, bamboo is a grass that can be cut every 3 to 5 years and it doesn’t need irrigatable land that could be used to grow food and it doesn’t need pesticides so there is minimal energy in growing and harvesting it. The caustic chemicals used change and become inert in the process and there is no chemical residue on the fibers which makes them hypoallergenic.  Bamboo as a source of fiber is highly renewable and step ahead of cotton and man made materials.  For more information and facts on bamboo you can visit Why Bamboo to learn more.

Natural Properties

The fiber has natural performance properties that absorb water which is the best thing to have in a sock. Dry feet reduces foot stink, blistering, and helps thermo-regulate the foot keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You will find other man made fibers that use chemicals and treatments to get the same properties in the yarn but many of these wash out through laundering over time.


Finally, those viscose fibers break down in a landfill. A lot of “eco-friendly” products on the market are made from recycled plastic bottles which is great until you realize that once you are done with them they end up in a land fill forever. Maybe plastic bottles should just be recycled as another plastic bottle so it is continually used?

Decreasing Our Environmental Footprint

Over the last 2 years, we have successfully reduced packaging and use of plastics by over 40%. Beginning in 2019, we launched our “One Tree Planted” initiative where we have bound all new products sold on our e-commerce platform to planting trees. These products have a stamp “This Product Plants A Tree” and we send quarterly contributions to One Tree Planted based on the number of products we sell.

One Tree Planted – The Zen State in Environmental Advocacy

De-forestation is a global issue that binds us all together. The more trees we have the happier and better off both humans and animals are. An adult tree sequesters an average of 40 pounds of carbon a year so not only are they a long term carbon sink, they help filter the air and water, provide habitat for animals, are often an economic resource that help people sustain themselves, and provide key ingredients to 25% of all medicines. Did you know more and more studies are showing that simply strolling through a forest helps reduce psychological stress, depression, and hostility? The Japanese call it “Shin-Rin Yoku” or “Forest Bathing”.

In just over a year, EcoSox and its customers are responsible for planting over 5,500 trees. It may seem a meager number but for a small brand we are happy and we look forward to when we can say that number is 50,000 and then 500,000!  You can visit EcoSox One Tree Planted to learn more details on the importance of forests and keep track of our tree planting progress.

The Future of EcoSox Products

We will continue to expand our One Tree Initiative and we have plans to introduce new products based on other similar cellulose based fibers such as Tencel® lyocell that have the same benefits with a better manufacturing process.  Signup to receive product updates and special offers.

Great Socks

EcoSox socks are truly one of the most comfortable things you can wear on your feet. It doesn’t matter how fine cotton or merino wool is, there is no comparison to the smooth soft hand of cellulose based yarns. Try a pair for yourself and be sure to share your sock experience with friends and family!

EcoSox Has You Covered

  • -30 day full refund on on-line purchases
  • -1 year satisfaction guarantee
  • -Lifetime no blister guarantee