Sock Talk -  Moisture Control in Socks

Sock Talk - Moisture Control in Socks

Posted by Leslie Cook on Jan 5th 2018

Moisture Management Is A Key Function Of A Sock

Moisture management is a key function of a sock.  The foot has the highest concentration of sweat glands found in the human body. A good sock will absorb this moisture and pull it away from the skin where it can evaporate. Moisture that can’t evaporate or is trapped in a sock will create friction against the skin causing conditions for blisters to occur and of course micro-organisms flourish in moist conditions to create foot odor.

EcoSox uses bamboo viscose yarn which absorbs 60% more moisture than cotton and has a fiber structure that allows it to breathe and release that moisture through evaporation.  EcoSox will keep your feet "desert dry" and are so good at keeping feet dry we have added a lifetime blister free guarantee to many of our products. Check out Blister Free Guarantee for details.  If you get a blister while wearing a sock labeled with the lifetime blister free guarantee, we will replace it for free.  

 For more on bamboo and why it may be worth your time to try bamboo socks, you can check out this post.  Top 7 Reasons To Wear Bamboo

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